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Sun Devil Robotics Club

Sun Devil Robotics Club

A student-run organization at Arizona State University advocating robotics education

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The Sun Devil Robotics Club (SDRC) is a SCAI affiliate that aims to spread awareness of and involvement in robotics. As of now the club is split into two main projects: The University Rover Challenge (URC), and our battlebots competition Sundevil Smackdown.

University Rover Challenge:

The University Rover Challenge is an annual event that takes place at the Mars Desert Research Station in Hanksville, Utah, where teams from over 30 universities build a remotely operated rover capable of performing predetermined missions. 

Teams will be scored for their ability and procificiency in performing the following Missions:

1) A Science Mission to investigate a site for the presence of current or past life

2) A Delivery Mission to deliver a variety of objects to astronauts in the field across rugged terrain

3) An Equipment Servicing Mission to perform dexterous operations on a mock lander using a robotic arm

4) An Autonomous Navigation Mission to autonomously travel to a series of locations.

Making a rover capable of performing all of these tasks requires us to divide into five subteams: Mechanical, Software, Electrical, Arm, and Biology.

Each team is responsible for completing a part of the rover that relates to their specific mission. Teams often work together to make sure that everything works together smoothly.

Students are free to join any subteam they wish, regardless of their major. 

For more information about URC check out their website Home (