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Sun Devil Robotics Club

Getting Started – Tutorial

Getting Started

All bots must weigh less than 3lbs.

Illegal Weapons

The following weapons are illegal and can not be used on your robot.

  • Projectiles
  • EMP’s
  • Liquids
  • Electricity
  • Vision Obscuring (Smoke bombs, strobe lights, etc)
  • Entanglement Devices (Nets and rope)
  • Explosives
  • Fire

A general rule is that if the weapon will totally obliterate the arena, it’s probably illegal. 

Pins and Holds

A pin occurs when a bot holds an enemy bot against a wall for a long period of time. After 10 seconds, the pined bot must be released. A pin will then be scored for the “pinner” and can factor into their aggression and control points.

A hold occurs when a bot holds an enemy bot in the air for a long period of time. After 30 seconds, the held bot must be released. Just like pinning, scoring a hold will also give you more points in the judges’ decision.

Tournament Structure

Matches last for 3 minutes. After the time is up, it is important for both competitors to stop their bots. Do not attempt to hit the enemy after the match is over. Simply let go of the controls and switch your weapons off.

Refer to these rules

Match Rules

Double Elimination

(Standard format for classes with 6 or more robots entered)

In a double elimination bracket all robots start in the winners bracket. The
losing robot in a winners bracket match will move to the losers bracket. The
losing robot in a losers bracket match is eliminated from the tournament.

In this format, the robot that “wins” the losers bracket will need to defeat the
robot that “wins” the winners bracket twice to win the overall event.


Once a robot has passed weigh-in, decorations can be added to your robot and won’t count towards your weight so long as they don’t provide a competitive advantage. Any decorations that are deemed by the judges to provide an advantage must be removed.

 (Please refer any questions to